Our Wellness Pilates Studio was designed to allow continuation of services of our Pilates PT Clinic for previous patients and also those from the community looking for medically supervised exercise classes.

The body moves in certain ways, exercises should be designed to support those. Often traditional exercises cause overuse of larger muscles, exercise spine in abnormal positions and actually cause muscle imbalance. Doing the wrong exercises combined with lifestyle habits trigger most spinal and joint pain. We designed our exercises to improve our bodies mechanics, decreasing stress on the body and decreasing risk of injuries.

Our classes are designed to follow our model from Pilates PT:

-Exercises are all designed using science of proper mechanics and movements
-Do exercises based on true movements the body utilizes on daily basis to decrease
progression of issues and decrease risk of further problems
-All exercises in neutral spine so safe for all spinal pathologies from acute pain to post

-Focus on smaller stabilizing muscles which is our bodies balance system
-Building deep foundation muscles to ensure joint support and decrease in pain

Our instructors are Movement Specialists. They all have Pilates Certifications and trained directly with the Pilates PT team. They have also all completed Scoliosis and Spinal Conditions Pilates Master Course to ensure the high level of training and understanding in correct exercise techniques.

We believe that we should think of exercise as Wellness not fitness and treat the body to age well. To best monitor and support our clients all classes will be small and personal. The exercises we incorporate in all our classes help develop the body to benefit our clients today but insure that the exercises will help improve the body as we age and decrease risk of injury and stress.

We have a variety of classes for complete Wellness for the body. See below link for descriptions and registration online.

Group Exercise Classes $25.00. Limit 8 people.

SpringBoard Exercise Classes $35.00. Limit 4 people

Reformer with Tower $45.00. Limit 3 people.

Reformer Private sessions $100. Reformer private sessions with P.T. staff $125.

Questions on Wellness Pilates please email wellnesspilatespt@proton.me

Phone (941) 203-8965

Click below for class description and registration.