The Pilates Reformer

Pilates Physical Therapy is a specialized exercise program individually prescribed per patient

There are hundreds of muscles in the body most often traditional exercises just strengthen muscles that move body

In Pilates PT: there is focus on strength muscles but also on stabilizing muscles surrounding joints that hold body upright and in alignment, make movements efficient, pain free and prevent further injuries. Most often weak strength muscles cause pain from lack of proper movement and alignment.

In Pilates PT: patients movements patterns are assessed and correct stabilization exercises are designed to create improved movement control improving alignment and making muscles contract stronger and decrease pain.

We utilize Pilates Reformer and Cadillac Machines to target patient impairments and also create flexibility with different spring systems & pulleys

We have 3 private, fully-equipped rooms

Treatment is covered by insurance & self-pay options

Pilates PT differs extensively from traditional Pilates. PT modifies & creates exercises with Pilates equipment to target each patients needs and can:

  • Increase functional activity as exercises created to overflow into everyday activity
  • Increase spine/extremity strength/stability and alignment
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Decrease stress and overload on joints causing pain and increase flexibility and posture
  • Improve functional and sports performance
  • Treatment safe for all ages and variety of populations including orthopedic, neurological and arthritic conditions


“I recently had two weird stress fractures and a new diagnosis of Osteopenia, which really concerned me. I was recommended to try Pilates with Jenna Jordan and have noticed such an improvement of my core strength, flexibility and posture. She made my sessions something I looked forward to. The icing on the cake was when I had my recent visit with my Endocrinologist; she said my bone density showed so much improvement that I no longer have the diagnosis of Osteopenia and was able to discontinue my medication”

Lynn M.

“I am grateful to Jenna Jordan and Pilates for the quality of life that I now enjoy. I had a major spinal surgery a number of years ago, and until a year and a half ago, I was able to keep my back issues, including degenerated disks along my spine under control. Then, I was racked with severe pain and debilitating spasms, which when they occurred, prevented me from walking and even standing. At that time, I started seeing Jenna and using the Pilates Reformer. I was so impressed with her wealth of knowledge and skill sets with Pilates. She had a number of exercises that targeted specific areas of need, that even I, who was quite limited, could do. “

Nina L.

“I started Physical Therapy with Jenna Jordan in April 2020 after experiencing a tremendous amount of lower back pain, which despite numerous medical consultations, was not getting any better. Three days a week of Pilates Physical Therapy with Jenna made a world of difference for me. She helped strengthen the small muscles in my back and my core to help support and take the pressure off my lower back. This, in turn, has allowed me to continue to play tennis at the level I would like to play.”

Peggy S.

“Jenna Jordan has shown concern, patience and dedication with me, and the extensive knowledge to teach me how to best use my muscle groups and muscle memory. I have a condition called Drop Foot, which is a spinal stenosis caused by disk compression and slippage. It may correct, but could take a long time, which I do not have. She has helped me learn and develop my core strength, which has eliminated my pain completely and has helped me walk more safely and further. I believe that her treatment has provided the only solution that could help my condition.”

Don J.

“My experience with Jenna’s Pilates-based PT has been truly transformational in dealing with my severe back injury. I was initially told that I needed surgery but wanted to try PT first to rebuild my strength and heal a ruptured disc. Her expertise integrating Pilates with personalized PT has given me the ability to eliminate constant pain, rebuild my strength and return to the activities that I enjoy. Jenna brings both her heart and her head to every session; it was a life-changing experience”

Judy L.

“The extensive amount of different exercises have improved my overall core strength, balance, flexibility, posture and even my golf swing. The sessions were difficult at times but I was up for that challenge and rewarded by seeing improvement and progress with each visit. I have even set-up my own mini Pilates area in my house to maintain my progress”

Jim M.

Our program uses safe patterns of movements modified to meet individual patient’s needs and abilities and can be used to treat a variety of populations including orthopedic, neurological and arthritic conditions.

Covered by insurance with physician referral and also self pay options.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals”
-Joseph Pilates